Monday, February 13, 2012

Sergio Larrain [1931-2012]

The Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain passed away last week at his home in Chile. He became a member of the prestigious Magnum Agency in the early sixties. During a very short and intense period he produced some high quality works [magnum] before entering the world of mysticism in a small village somewhere in Chile. At the age of 35, he finally decided to give up on photography to fully concentrate on his study of Eastern culture and mysticism.
Unfortunately, as in the case with the Swedish photographer Kenneth Gustavsson, there´s not much written about this remarkable talented photographer. And, of course, its also more or less impossible to find most of his short list of published books. I guess his last book, "London" [Dewi Lewis]/"Londres" [Hazan ed.] is the easiest to find. To find out more about Larrain and his published "hard to get" books, click here

Stray Dog in Santiago ..... ? Photo |  Sergio Larrain

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