Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Sabbath

                                         Get well soon, Tony!  | Photo: J.Angel

I've never worshipped anything ...... except for Daido Moriyama´s "third eye vision" and Tony Iommi´s [Black Sabbath] heavy melodic guitar-riffing, so I was looking forward to two big events during 2012 .. Moriyamas monster exhibition at Tate Modern [Oct.] "Moriyama vs Klein" and Black Sabbath´s reunion tour. Reading now that the Black Sabbath tour is cancelled due to Tony Iommi´s health situation [according to various rumours]. To be updated, I've just read Tony´s autobiography plus other Sabbath related books but I can´t find any book with "classic" Sabbath photo:s ... I´m wondering ... are there any "classic" photography books that illustrate rock [not related to magazines] at all? Genesis Publications published loads of nice books but any classics?

              Jimmy Page  "The photographic autobiography" | Genesis-publications

So, what about collecting vintage rock photos? Of course, there are loads of great photographers documenting rock ... Corbijn, Fin Costello, Bob Gruen, Gered Mankowitz - but buying vintage prints from them is currently an expensive hobby. However, there are of course cheaper alternatives for the average collector with a more modest budget. Check out Jorgen Angel´s site .. here you can find a couple of nice and affordable vintage prints. If you like Hendrix go to this site and browse around for cool photos that Bruce Fleming shot at the Monterey Festival 1967.

 Hendrix at Monterey Festival.|  Photo: Bruce Fleming

Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin |  Photo: Jorgen Angel

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