Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pollock, NUG .. Steinert

                                              Jackson Pollock in action ....

                                NUG in relaxing mode .......

                                                  Otto Steinert, 1952

Couldnt resist Part 5 |  In the late 1940´s and early 1950´s, Jackson Pollock was noted for his so called "action paintings". Six decades later David Geffen sold his Pollock action painted "No5" canvas for $140 million. In 2009, graffiti artist NUG showed his video "Territorial pissing" on the Art Fair Market in Stockholm ... the video created some "short-lived" scandal in Swedish media but made NUG famous overnight. These action painting reminds me, of course..., of photographer Otto Steinert´s mystical light experiments where he tried to document a movement through time and space ... anyways, check these cool videos.


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