Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo ... montage.

                                      Photomontage by:  KennardPhillipps

What is photography? Could you consider a photo-montage as real photograph or... Well, I´m certainly not a photography critic or photo-philosopher attempting to analyze photographs and to give big "Dinosaur" theories here and there. Sadly, but when it comes to theories about what is photography [i.e. photo-montage] I always feel bored, dazed and sometimes confused ... Basically, who cares if Andreas Gursky is a photographer or visionary .. or both. Anyways, if you never seen the photo-montage art by the duo KennardPhillipps before, you need to check this ..KP . Furthermore, in 2011 Peter Kennard published a nice book entitled @ earth [Tate Publishing]. At last, .. if you want to know what photography is you can try to read this text by James Elkin or Francois Laruelle´s book "On the Concept of Non-photography [Urbanomic]". Good luck!

"I take my hat off to you Sir, @ earth looks great" [BANKSY].


  1. ah yes but peter's been at it since the collaboration with loads of people...usually as the stronger half of the pair...but most often working on his own.


      and his stuff at Tate

    2. thanks for the link. Will visit Tate later this year [Moriyama vs Klein] and POW/Pictures On Walls [have you seen Peters collab with Banksy?]