Friday, May 4, 2012

More for the bookshelf ....

Upcoming and just released .......

                     Takuma Nakahira | Circulation: Date, Place, Events [Osiris, 2012]

Legendary japanese photographer and Provoke-era legend Takuma Nakahira just released a new book, "Circulation: Date, Place, Events" [edited by Kazurani Hattori] through Osiris. Of course, a must have for most of us ... Find out more about Takuma: Nakahira-san

Another japanese photography legend from the provoke-era is Daido Moriyama ... always loads of new releases in the pipeline .. just heard about another Daido-mag./Record published [no 21] ... plus a new book through SuperLabo. From the publisher; "Most of the images are taken in '74 when Moriyama visit Okinawa for "work shop photo school" with Shoumei Tomatsu,Eiko Hosoe, Masahisa Fukase and Nobuyoshi Araki. Some images were published in the book "Inu No Toki (The Time of the Dog)" in '95 but most of the images are unpublished. The book will be launched on 15 May and the delivery to the overseas customer will starts from 21 May."

 "Okinawa" will also be published in a limited edition with a special choice of three images. Each print [gelatin silver print .. of course] is signed and limited of 50 + 5 AP:s
And yes - this is of course another must have item!