Thursday, February 2, 2012


Daido using his Ricoh | Photo borrowed from here
 DAIDO Moriyama has always been my photographic hero, but I often find myself in hopeless discussions about why he is so good and sometimes I feel it´s difficult trying to explain his complex philosophy on photography. For example, how can you defend some images in the "homage to Holga" book T-82? Not that simple and I´m not going (or trying) to summarize his thoughts here because I guess the best way to approach Daido (to understand his art) is simply to buy a copy [DVD] of the documentary "Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog of Tokyo", which give some good in-depth discussions/thoughts about his philosophy on photography. "Memories of a Dog", his self-biography book, is also excellent reading. Is there any originality in photography ... or not?

                                          Daido Moriyama |  T-82

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