Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Robert Adams ...

                                         Photo | Robert Adams

If one is interested in contemporary art, street art and photography, London is the place to be .. I guess. Tomorrow opens a show at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, simply called "Robert Adams, Robert Bechtle and Ewan Gibbs". Adams, the only photographer in the exhibition, is most known for his documentation of west Americas changing landscape and its disappearing wilderness due to human exploitation. On this exhibition he will be showing a selection of his black and white photographs from the 1970´s of the "sometimes brutal [?]" urban development in the Denver, Colorado areas.
Adams photographs became more or less famous through the book The New West [1974] and the exhibition New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape [1975] at MOMA. Since then he has published fantastic books on regular basis, often with the same theme "the humans that altered landscape". Bibliography here.
I asked a collector about which Adams-book is most important in a collection, the instant answer was ... "The New West" and "Listening to the River" [of course, I don´t have River]. One other favorite Adams book is "Turning Back". This book is, as I read it, his most critical response to the timber industry when it almost act like a corporate warfare against the wilderness.

                                    Robert Adams | Turning Back [2010]

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