Monday, January 30, 2012

Low ... lands

                              .... not Petersen ..... but Martin Bogren.

In 2011 photographer Martin Bogren received the photography agency Scandix´s major prize for his book Lowlands (maybe a title that works best for a small village in south US or ..). In conjunction with this prize, Fotografiska in Stockholm, had an exhibition based on a selection of photograph´s taken from Bogrens 4-year long project where he tried to capture the essence from the small village (Skurup) that he longed to get away from as child. This exhibition, "Lowland", has now reached Landskrona konsthall. Loads of photographs and not [?] surprisingly I see blurred, contrast-rich graininessly and raw black and white images of a rural landscape and some of its residents. Unfortunately, I find the images as something of cliche repetitions Ivé seen several times before. I won´t go into detail about this .. all I can write is that this exhibition (and book) lacks the nerve that I, for example, can experience in Anders Petersens/JH Engström depictions of Värmland in "From Back To Home". So in all, this exhibition/book is not my cup of whatever, I prefer Bogrens excellent photographical story "Ocean" [2008] where he followed a few men from the middle of India, who travelled to the coast to see the ocean for their first time.

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