Wednesday, January 18, 2012

August Strindberg ... The Photographer!

 Mandatory reading anno 2012 ... "Ockulta dagboken" by August Strindberg

August Strindberg [1849-1912] is most famous/celebrated for being a playwright, novelist, poet, misogynist but feminist, alchemist, occultist, painter et cetera .. but not so well known as a photographer. So I was gladly surprised when a Strindberg-collector told me that during various periods of inactivity in his writing, he was  doing experimental photography. My favorite Strindberg-period is what is known as the "Inferno Years". During this period  [1890`s], he built his own camera, experimented much with alchemy and corresponded with occultists as well as studying the swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg. As a result, many of his later photographs during this and forthcoming period have a creepy and eerie feeling .....which we all like. Don´t forget the upcoming exhibitions; "Strindberg och fotokonsten" at Kulturen in Lund/Sweden and "Strindberg. Författare, målare, fotograf ..." at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. Recommended literature [but before purchasing this book - learn swedish]: "August Strindberg som fotograf"
                                                               Photo: August Strindberg | Selfportrait 1906

                                                        Photo: August Strindberg | Clouds 1907

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