Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kenneth Gustavsson

                               INDICIER  | Strömholm, Petersén, Gustavsson

Photo:  Kenneth Gustavsson

According to various rumors this upcoming spring will give a retrospective exhibition of the eminent Swedish photographer Kenneth Gustavsson [1946-2009]. Finally I would say! He has until now received far too little national and international recognition. In my amateurish eyes Kenneth was the most talented and best photographer to emerge from mastermind Christer Strömholm´s legendary [?] photography school in Stockholm. Unfortunately, not much is written or documented about his life or photography work/art. Not even a decent Google search can provide much information on this great photographer. However, more rumors indicates that in conjunction with the exhibition there will be a book published. Hopefully also with an extra small limited edition incl. a print .. or two. Until then, try to get hold of "Incident". This book was published in connection with an exhibition in 1996 "Incident - Strömholm, Petersen, Gustavsson". A real collectors item ....

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