Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best of 2011 ....

                                         Gerry Johansson |  Pontiac (Mack Books) 

                                         Daido Moriyama |  Gekijo (Super Labo)

A new year ... and thus a series of "Best Photography Books - 2011" lists. If you follow various photography-blogs it appears that Rinko Kawauchi´s "Illuminance" and Yukichi Watabe´s " A Criminal Investigation" are the winners of 2011. Maybe worthy winners .. but as a hobby collector, with a clearly limited budget, of photography books and prints, my top-books of 2011 are the limited editions (which include a signed silver gelatin print) of Gerry Johansson:s "Pontiac" and Daido Moriyama:s "Gekijo" releases. Perhaps not milestones in the history of photo-books .. but still affordable books incl. nice prints as bonus. I would suggest trying to get your hands on these gems before it´s to late ... maybe they will appear in new "Photobook: A History Vol.3 "... in near future ..

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