Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Andreas Gursky .. Is photography dead?

                           Rhein II - Andreas Gursky ... probably a good investment

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark opened 2012 with a monster exhibition by photographys own Damien Hirst, the german uber-star photographer Andreas Gursky [Jan. 13th - May 13th].
"The exhibition spans the whole of Gursky’s oeuvre up to the very latest photographs presented this autumn in the artist’s gallery, Gagosian Gallery in New York – and thus gives the viewer the opportunity to follow the transformations and transformative powers of the images through more than two decades". Before I went to the exhibition I tried to do my homework to understand Gurskys photographs and "visual art". But unfortunately, this very ambitious exhibition told me nothing. Maybe I didn´t do my homework well .. but to me, it seems that Gursky is becoming more of a brand than what I call an artist [or photographer]. And of course, an exhibition like this, reminds me of the debates over the whole concept photography, not only if analog photography is dead. SFMOMA has been collecting and exhibiting photographs since it´s opening and has always been dedicated to the examination of the medium in all its form. In April 2010, they arranged a major symposium, "Is Photography Over", on the current state of photography. Follow some interesting conversation here.

And ... if you visit Louisiana ... don´t miss Yayoi Kusama´s hypnotic "Gleaming Lights of the Souls" .. and her exhibitions at Tate Modern and The National Museum of Art, Osaka.

                                    Shine on you cray diamond ....

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