Monday, March 5, 2012

10 Most wanted .. for now.

So what can we expect in 2012 - How many new books by Daido Moriyama and what is going on in Göttingen .. more nice items from Steidl? I´ve  been browsing around a couple of publishers web-sites and found these titles .. [more to follow]

                                               Gerry Johansson | Deutchland

Daido Moriyama | Okinawa (Tentative)/SuperLabo .... another release
Gerry Johansson | Deutchland/Steidl ... postphoned for decades it feels ..
Christer Strömholm | The Lido Exhibition/Steidl ... previously unknown works
Rodchenko | Rodchenko/Steidl
Keizo Kitajima | Photo Express, Tokyo/Steidl ... re-release of a classic ...
Anders Petersen | Innocense/SuperLabo
Don Kirby and Joan Gentry | The Anasazi Project/Nazraeli
Anders Petersen | Soho/Mackbooks
Walker Evans | Decade by Decade/HatjeCantz
Daido Moriyama vs Klein | Tate exhibition catalog or?

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