Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alexandre Orion | "Skulls of Sao Paolo"

Couldn´t resist Part 6 | Brazilian graffiti artist/photographer Alexandre Orions amazing reverse graffiti mural inside the Max Feffer street-Tunnel in Sao Paolo [2007]. This project, "Skulls of Sao Paolo", is Orions attempt in getting a greener world ... How can we with easy methods fight against the heavy pollution that is a growing problem in the urban landscape. Orion´s method in this project is simple but at the same time genius .. his choice of medium, reverse graffiti, is in fact cleaning, removal of dirt... With a wet rag he scrubbed away parts of the layer of soot from the walls inside the tunnel until the white surface stared through as a eerie catacomb of skulls. The Sao Paolo state police tried, of course, to arrest him but quickly realised that he was actually cleaning the wall/city ... something the goverment should have done years ago. As they washed and removed the art .. Orion kept working on the rest of the tunnel .. resulting in a clean-up of the whole tunnel. Just in a few weeks after the city started a clean-up campaign in the city ......

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